91 days ago

Volunteer needed in Kaihu / Dargaville - know anyone who can help?

Rachel Paris from Friends in Need

Hi everyone. Friends In Need (www.friendsinneednz.com...) is a community Covid-19 isolation support network. We have had a request for assistance from an elderly couple in Kaihu re: delivery of essential supplies from Dargaville Countdown and we need a volunteer from that area to help please. If you can assist, or know someone who can, please message me for more information via Neighbourly or register as a Helper though our website which has more detailed information: www.friendsinneednz.com.......... Many thanks!

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12 hours ago

What do you think of a new report favouring Manukau Harbour over Northport?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

A new report on the Ports of Auckland favours a new port being built at Manukau Harbour, rather than moving the freight to Northport. The report, which says Manukau will cost less and have less environmental impact, has been criticised by Wayne Brown, whose own report recommended a move north. What do you think?

3 hours ago

Holiday in NZ


Need a break? Live more with less energy. Explore our NZ paradise, and enjoy a low-carbon holiday. Find out more

12 hours ago

Filipino takeaways in Whangarei

Roxanne Manlangit from Nora's Lutong Bahay

If you're after something different, tasty and affordable meals...visit Nora's Lutong Bahay at 475B Kamo Road (2 shops away from Domino's Kamo).

You'll be pleasantly suprised and spoilt with food choices.

Shop hours
Monday - Tuesday 7am - 3pm
Wednesday - Friday 7am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 5pm