160 days ago

Braces alternatives - too good to be true?

Courtenay Orthodontics

There's growing concern about the SmileDirectClub - you may have heard of it as an alternative to braces. In the US, a group of influential congressmen is so concerned about the company that it has written to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) raising concerns about SmileDirectClub and supporting an investigation to "ensure that it is not misleading consumers or causing patient harm". Watch this space.

At Courtenay Orthodontics, our advice is simple - see a specialist orthodontist for your orthodontic treatment!

Courtenay Orthodontics and The Orthodontist group are registered specialist orthodontists with the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists - your guarantee of a specialist opinion, treatment, and result. Give us a call on 04-385-7213 to book in for a consultation with one of our specialists.

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Things that surprise Kiwis returning to NZ

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a travel story for Stuff about the things that have surprised returning Kiwis about New Zealand. If you have recently returned from overseas or know someone who has, it would be great to hear about the things that have stood out for you, for better or for worse. Whether it's to do with the weather, the cost of things, the public transport, the food, the housing, the people or something else entirely, we'd be keen to hear about it. Please remember that your comment may be included in the article, unless you say you don't want it to be. Thank you.

3 hours ago

Is Wellington a desirable place to live and work?

Mandy Te Reporter from Dominion Post

Private sectors say they are struggling to attract skilled workers to Wellington. They say issues like uncertainty about major projects, expensive housing, and infrastructure problems are deterring people from moving to the city. What do you think?

1 day ago

South Coast weather

Werner from Newtown

I know, most people like sunshine and blue skies. For me as a photographer, however, the strong winds and waves of the last few days are much more interesting.
Here a few images from along Princess Bay to Owhiro Bay, during the last 2 weeks