101 days ago

Lets take care of each other.

Simon Woolf from Councillor Simon Woolf - Wellington City Council

Hi All,

Lets take care of each other. This is a very different time. Let's make it as good as we can for each other.

Our Council has a Help Desk. To call it, the number is: 04 4994444
There is also a great Fix it App for your phone. It can be downloaded.

The Covid 19 website is the most important place to get information.

They have a helpline on 0800 779 997 (8am–1am, 7 days a week).

There are people who are there to help, if need be. We also have our wonderful Student Army out and about, if required.

I'll be posting items of interest and information on my Facebook too.

I'm up for hearing and sharing innovative caring ideas to help us get through this.

my email is simon.woolf@wcc.govt.nz

Please eat healthily, and keep fit during this time.

So lets take care of each other, be sensible, and we will get through this together.



Simon Woolf
Wellington City Councillor

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3 days ago

Poll: Will you be joining the Plastic Free July challenge?

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

Today marks the first day of Plastic Free July - a global movement to reduce plastic pollution.
Everyone is encouraged to get involved, even if it's just making a few small changes to your purchases or routine. It's not about a handful of people doing plastic-free perfectly, it's about millions of people around the world doing it imperfectly - and it works!
Will you be joining the challenge this month?
Head to our website for more information: wellington.govt.nz...

Will you be joining the Plastic Free July challenge?
  • 34% Yes
    34% Complete
  • 46.6% No
    46.6% Complete
  • 19.4% Not sure
    19.4% Complete
103 votes
7 hours ago

Free Firewood

Darryl from Hataitai

Still plenty of free firewood left.
Call or message on 027 4100666 to arrange a time to come and take waht you want.

21 hours ago


Simone from Island Bay

Hello, does anybody have a scanner (A4) that I could either borrow or rent for approximately one month?
Thank you