67 days ago

#essentialworkers need a boost

Jo from Lyall Bay

Being an #essentialworker is a hard gig these days so the little things I can do to help with mental wellness for our team members is, well, essential.

Hope it helps to boost a bit of morale and make ppl smile and laugh.

Please make sure when you do need to visit your local supermarket, dairy, service station or medical premises that you smile and say thanks. They are all under enormous pressure. Dealing with the negativity of customers who just have no patience or understanding or are downright rude is tough mentally. Lots of these staff members are younger people who are still getting to grips with this type of situation and are not necessarily mature enough or have tough skins.

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5 days ago

Recycling Centre reopens

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

The bulk Recycling Centre at Wellington’s Southern Landfill has reopened to the public with traffic controls in place to ensure Covid-19 Alert Level 2 guidelines are maintained.
The Tip Shop Wellington will remain closed during Level 2 for the safety of our staff.
For more information and FAQs, please visit our website.

2 days ago

Poll: Should Courtenay Place be pedestrianised?

The Team Reporter from Dominion Post

A Wellington bar owner has launched a petition calling for all vehicles to be banned from Courtenay Place - and the majority of the Wellington City Council appears to be on board.

To read more, click here.

Should Courtenay Place be pedestrianised?

Should Courtenay Place be pedestrianised?
  • 51.1% Yes
    51.1% Complete
  • 48.9% No
    48.9% Complete
350 votes
9 hours ago

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