49 days ago

Weed problem on wire mesh street railing!

Ingrid from Brooklyn

The wire mesh that is increasingly appearing on Wellington's timber street railing I think is a mistake. I assume mesh is being used to save repair costs. Also, possibly traditional timber street railing is now not considered safe? The mesh is fast attracting large swathes of weeds as it the perfect surface for climbing on!.... How is the council going to control the weeds from covering the mesh?....Increase the amount of weed spraying? Also, surely repainting the timber beneath the mesh could be problematic? Simply repairing the existing timber railing would be the best option and adding in more timber rails (if safety is a problem). Wellington's traditional timber street railing is worth saving ....and looks far better than wire mesh.
Note: One photo shows how a mesh area has now become an ivy hedge!.

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19 hours ago

Would free Sunday parking make you visit the CBD more?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Paid parking on weekends looks set to stay. Wellington Mayor Andy Foster campaigned on restoring free central city parking on Sundays, and included it in his "first 150 days" plan. But as the council seeks public engagement on a review of parking policies, Foster admitted he didn't have the votes to pass free Sunday parking. Would free parking make you visit the CBD more?

6 days ago


Nina from Island Bay

The Annual Mission Fair for the Sisters of St Peter Claver is being held on Saturday 22 February.
Here is some info about the Sisters and what this year’s fundraising will be used for.
The Missionary Sisters of St Peter Claver came to Island Bay in 1952, to seek help for the missions in Africa and other continents. They are a unique congregation in that they don’t themselves work in the mission stations, but support and help the missions by prayer and sacrifice, plus fundraising. Each year they fundraise for a specific cause and in 2020 it is:
- To build three classrooms for children now at risk in South Sudan
- To finish a primary school for orphans and marginalised children in Nigeria
- To construct a house for a poor widow in Tanzania and provide a wheelchair for her handicapped daughter.
All money raised is given straight to the needy charities via diplomatic bag. There are no administrative costs.

1 day ago

Missing cat

Liz from Berhampore

Loki, a 3 legged Burmese cat is missing from Waripori St - he’s not been seen for 36 hours. Please check any area he may be caught in. Thanks Liz INNES