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The Team from SPCA - Auckland Centre

SPCA Doggy Daycare is here to help! πŸ•πŸ©πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

Located at our brand new centre in Hobsonville, SPCA Doggy Daycare combines state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities with the expertise and care of our SPCA canine carers to create the ideal home away from home for dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes!

We are proud to provide a safe and loving environment where all dogs can thrive and have fun, while you have the peace of mind that they are being given the best of care.

With a carefully crafted timetable, your pup will have time for play, relaxation and socialization, all while being constantly supervised!

All proceeds go towards helping SPCA animals find loving forever homes πŸ’–

SPCA Doggy Daycare is open Mon-Fri 7am-6.30pm, with plenty of parking for easy pick-up and drop-off!

To find out more, contact our staff on 09 869 6700 or at hobsonville.doggydaycare@spca.nz 🐢

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10 minutes ago

Planning Some Backyard DIY this Loooong Weekend?

Jane Freeman from Timberline Contracting Ltd

We are back to business as usual at Timberline and hope to see you all soon!! :) If you're after anything gardening related give us a bell.

πŸ“ž - 0800 FOR WOOD
πŸ“ - 88 Ararimu Road, Ramarama
⏰ - Open 7.30-5 Weekdays & 8-2 Saturdays

We'll be here from 8am-2pm both Saturday & Monday of the long weekend, so YOU can make the most of a looong weekend of DIY :)

Pea Straw - It's flying out the gate. Great for mulching and adding valuable nutriennts to your garden :)

Soils - With the weather reminaing warm, folks are still planting. It's a great time to be adding some winter eddibles to your garden :)

Firewood - Winter is coming, and we have plenty of nice dry firewood to keep you warm.

Aggregates - Whether it's GAP20 to fill the potholes, Drainage Metal to keep your place nice and dry or Builders Mix & Cement to add a path or floor to that shed, it's been

18 hours ago

Will you make the most of changes to DIY rules?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, how do you feel about the changes to building consent rules for low-risk home projects?

The government says the change will save homeowners time and money, but pro builder and The Block NZ foreman Peter Wolfkamp, is advising caution if you're planning a DIY sleep-out or office. Find out why, here.

4 hours ago

Poll: What do you think of CCTV on private homes?

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

I'm writing a story about CCTV security cameras on homes, what's the best system, how to install them, and whether or not they're a useful deterrent.
I wondered what you thought about private security cameras. Are they good for the neighbourhood? Or a sign troubled communities?
If you've got a strong opinion about them, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

What do you think of CCTV on private homes?
  • 90.5% Yes, they're OK.
    90.5% Complete
  • 5% I'm not sure.
    5% Complete
  • 4.5% No, they're not OK.
    4.5% Complete
200 votes