64 days ago

Catch up with Work in Progress during Covid19

Sylvie-Patricia Claren from Combined Probus Club Of Waikanae Incorporated

I don't know you, but during the Covid19 Period I have done some catch up with my work in progress hobbies...
Here a table with fruits...& I started as well to convert an old mirror in a type of new one less boring, this one is still in progress, while I need a tube of white and yellow oil paint.. I have to wait till I can buy some in the shops..
Please comment here and post photos from what you have done during that period at home, so you keep this post active..

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2 days ago

Hello Fresh and other empty food boxes

Donna from Otaki District

Looking for plenty of the above for packing household goods which probably will need to go into storage if I cannot find somewhere to live. Starting to run out of boxes and days

2 days ago


Alan from Paraparaumu

Very frustrated this afternoon, to find out an event I am trying to promote in the "What's On" Column (Chess on the Blue Train), gets no mention. I appreciate space is limited and the editor has the final say, but when 9 out of 12 in the column are promoting events outside Kapiti,(7 in the Hutt Valley, including the Upper Hutt Chess Club!!) I am starting to wonder where their allegiances lie!!

1 day ago

looking for Cariboo Cranium game

Mairead from Paraparaumu Beach

hi there,
this game is no longer produced and i was wondering if anyone is willing to sell me theirs please? my son with autism loves it (his speech & language theripist has one)
Cariboo by Cranium ref pic attached.
thanks v much