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Kāpiti geese - are they a problem?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

There's been a bit of discussion on Neighbourly and social media about the numbers of geese here on the coast.
Have you noticed an increase in their numbers, or seen gaggles in new places? Are you concerned by the geese or do you enjoy seeing them?
We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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2 days ago

Our sweet pea seeds send out, April issue and Get Growing

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Dear neighbours and NZ Gardener family,

Our April issue should be with our subscribers now and available in supermarkets and service stations (having been distributed prior to the lockdown restrictions). Whether or not it's on the stands yet is a bit patchy ... but then the incredibly brave and hard-working supermarket staff have quite a bit on their plate right now so I understand if there is a delay! Please, please, please everyone ... don't go out to buy it! Normally of course we love you buying NZ Gardener but right now it's far more important that you stay home and stay safe. (You can buy a copy with your online shopping though! That's safe and I think we are all in the market for something uplifting to read right now).

In this issue we offered to send out sweet pea seeds to any reader who sent us a SSAE. Just to reassure you, we will still send out sweet pea seeds to any reader who is keen to participate. We are just not quite sure when! Ignore the dates in the magazine of when you needed to send the envelope in by - that has been indefinitely extended. But we cannot wait to send you the seed and for those flowers to bloom as by then we will be well through this or even have it behind us. And keep letting us know what you are sowing and growing, send in pictures of your harvest, your flowers or what you are sharing.

We always love hearing from NZ Gardener readers but now when we are all staying apart that connection means more than you can imagine. Stay home, stay safe and stay in touch everyone. For the most updated gardening advice, subscribe to our digital e-zine Get Growing, which will be delivered to your inbox completely free.

8 days ago


Community Engagement Advisor from Metlink: On Our Way

As part of the national response to COVID-19 alert level 4 Metlink will make all rail and bus services free until June.

Public transport will continue to be available for essential service workers, and to enable communities to access supermarkets, pharmacies and health facilities.

For more information about this and what services are running, please read the full update on our website below.

1 hour ago

How should the council help the district recover?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

The council has issued a press release today which we have copied in full below.
The mayor says staff "starting to look at how we support the community and district to recover following lifting of the lockdown. This will include looking at a range of possible actions to support our community and help get the local economy going.
What would you like to see council do to help the district recover? We'd love to hear your thoughts.
Press release:
Kāpiti Coast Mayor K Gurunathan is encouraging Kāpiti residents to keep fighting the good fight against COVID-19 after a week of self-isolation.
“Our daily lives have changed dramatically in the last seven days and the evidence tells us if we don't stay home the price will be high.
“As a community, we have one job to do and that is to stay home. This is how we’ll break the chain of community transmission and save lives.
“I know it’s not been easy, particularly for those that are vulnerable or have no support at home, those that have lost their livelihoods and those essential workers that are leaving their families every day to serve our community, but I am humbled by the neighbourhood and community spirit that continues to shine in Kāpiti.
“As we head into a second week of lockdown, looking out for one another, staying connected and doing the right thing is what will get us through this.
“Reach out to your usual supports over the phone or online. If you have older relatives or neighbours make sure you pick up the phone to check that they are ok or if they need essential supplies.
“The supermarkets continue to be very busy so take a list so you can shop fast and while you are in the store make sure your stay two metres away from your fellow shoppers. Use a contactless payment method, not cash, if you can. And, please be patient and kind.
“While most people in self-isolation will be able to get through with the support of family, whānau and friends, the Wellington Region Civil Defence and Emergency Management Welfare function is up and running and the welfare team will be there as a backup to support people who need help with basic supplies and are unable to manage those needs through their usual sources. You can call the Wellington Region COVID-19 Helpline on 0800 141 967 between 7.00am-7.00pm. We expect to have an additional helpline specifically for the Kāpiti District up and running by tomorrow.
“Over the past week we’ve seen plenty of people take to the streets, our river trails and the beach to look after their mental and physical wellbeing. I for one have really enjoyed walking my dog on a lead.
“However, this is not without risk and we’ve received a number of reports of people not observing the two metre physical distancing rule and going beyond what could be considered ‘staying local’.
“This is not ok and I urge everyone to stick to the rules. If it’s too busy out there, consider taking some exercise at a later time.
“My Council team is continuing to do their bit behind the scenes to make sure your essential functions including your drinking water supply, waste water services and emergency works, will continue throughout the lockdown period.
“We’re also starting to look at how we support the community and district to recover following lifting of the lockdown. This will include looking at a range of possible actions to support our community and help get the local economy going.
“We don’t know how long we’re going to be in Alert Level 4 but what we do know is that if we don’t follow the rules we are likely to be living in our bubbles for a lot longer. So, let’s do the right thing by our community and stay home and save lives.”