42 days ago

I'm looking for some more Solar buddys

Murray from Oropi

Hi I am looking for some people that buy there power off Trustpower. We have a large solar system on our house & we make hundreds of KW hours of power more than we use our self, With trustpower they will let us sell 50KW hours of power per person per month, At a cheaper rate than they pay for there power through trustpower, They do all the work & it just comes through on your normal Trustpower bill & doesn't change any deals or discounts that you already have with them. So if you would like some cleaner & cheaper power 20 cents per KW hour, PM me your account name & number & email address & I can set it up, then Trustpower will email you to confirm that you have agreed, then it is all automatic from there & every month it will show you your savings from there. You can phone me if you would like any more info 021961443

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15 days ago

Which 'summer' are you having?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

It's been a mixed summer so far for New Zealand. Much of the country has seen record breaking temperatures, drought-conditions and scrub fires. But in recent days the West Coast and Southland have experienced heavy rains, flooding, evacuations and closed roads. Our thoughts are with affected.

Our skies have been coloured by smoke blown over from the Australian bushfires, meanwhile Wellingtonians are just stoked if they get to see the sun.

How has your summer been?

18 hours ago

Are you looking for a furry friend?

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Have your kids gone off to uni leaving you with an empty nest? Do you wish you had someone to take long walks on the beach with? Or maybe you're looking for someone who will just love you for who you are? If so, maybe you should adopt a dog.

We have seven pups looking for their forever homes. Fill that void in your life with a furry friend.

19 hours ago

Oropi (near Tauranga) available for weekday usage

Gary from Oropi

Sleepout (studio) available for weekday usage: Rural Oropi, 10km from Greerton, Tauranga

(Bedroom, bathroom, lounge area; private garden area and carport.)

Our sleepout is used for temporary accommodation – family, friends and Air BnB-type guests, usually at the weekends / long weekends.

We have, however, had an Auckland-based professional utilising it for similar, temporary accommodation, Mondays to Fridays when he came down to do work here. More recently he has wanted to upgrade to a permanent-status accommodation though.

We’re still keen to promote and build up our little Air BnB enterprise at weekends/long weekends.

As such, we’re keen to see if there are any potential clients, who may require WEEKDAY-TYPE accommodation, such as he did.

For further information, please text me:


021 1785 184