60 days ago

Food storage during lockdown

Communications from Tauranga City Council

During the lockdown it’s important that we don’t spend a lot of time going to and from the supermarket.

Simply storing your food well can keep it fresher for longer, reducing how often you need to leave the house to restock on supplies.

Check out these handy tips.


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1 day ago

World Environment Day

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Today is World Environment Day - a global celebration of nature in all its forms. The perfect day to do something good for the environment.
Tell a friend about the importance of not flushing wet wipes, start reading up about composting or worm farming, or pick that piece of plastic up off the beach.

Anything to help do something positive for the environment. It’s yours!

1 hour ago

Neighbourly mobile app Glitch

Sandy from Greerton - Parkvale

Incase you like others I have spoken to didnt know, there is currently a glitch with some mobiles using this app to Buy & Sell & also private messaging others. Presume Neighbourly are working on a fix. No problems when using a Laptop etc.

1 day ago

Pension Cold Call

Colin from Mount Maunganui

This morning I received a cold call offering to move my UK pension to NZ.

Here’s some advice.

Cold calling, text messages, emails or visits in person – if someone gets in touch about your pension, and you didn’t ask to be contacted, this is a big red flag. Stop communicating and don’t take them up on their offers.

If anyone knows if cold calling about pensions is illegal In NZ let me know and I will report the company.