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Poll: Growing food in school.

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Should this be part of your child's school curriculum?

Growing food in school.
  • 96.4% Yes
    96.4% Complete
  • 3.6% No
    3.6% Complete
1539 votes
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10 hours ago


Christina from Otumoetai

Hi there, is there any one out there that are Swedish or Danish decent. Would like to meet you. My family came to N.Z. in 1874. I am interested in genealogy.

12 hours ago


David from Ohauiti

Everything Could Change For You

Offer of one on one GOSPEL presentation and discussion

In the Bible book of Acts, many times the apostles presented the evidence for Jesus being the door to eternal life and eternal joy. At each presentation, some were persuaded and some weren’t. The outlook on life for those who were persuaded was completely transformed bringing joy, purpose, meaning, strength and hope.

Let me meet with you one on one to present the same evidence the apostles shared. Perhaps you will be one who is persuaded and who finds the hope of hopes and joy of joys through faith in the King of Kings.

Contact David Kidd 02041283124

26 days ago