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Pain Gel - Totally natural and effective

Kate from Country Herbals Cottage Shop

How do we know our Pain Gel works?
1. Customers keep coming back
2. Animals don't lie
Pain Gel has many uses. It has now been around for well over a decade, and sells as fast as we can make it. I am confident it could be helping more people if they A) knew about it and B) realise they can easily give it a try. (Free samples are available when putting an order in, in our online store)
Pain Gel has:
* Peppermint for anti-inflammatory
* Herbs for Healing
* Works on joint and muscle pain, period pain, sciatica etc.
* Continued use can heal nerve damage (numbness)
* Aloe Vera Gel Base
* A little goes a long way
I have lost track of how many times animals I have helped using Pain Gel - ie birds (chickens, budgies) Can't put leg down, leg/foot hot, and because of pain, not eating. Within minutes of applying just a little on the leg/foot, you see improvement and often they start eating again.
For people - one example are my own knees!
For months they were swollen, I couldn't kneel, I was diagnosed with bursitis. After months of accupunture, and still no improvement, I started putting Pain Gel on once or twice a day, and I am happy to report, I can now see my knees again, and I can kneel! I can't promise miracles, but I do know it has helped many people, otherwise I would not still be making it!
120g $30.00 60g $16.00
(We no longer make the 30g as no one was buying it!)
Kate Bennett
Country Herbals Natural Products
Ngongotaha Cottage Shop - TEXT A TIME TO VISIT
Online Store direct: countryherbalsstore.ecwid.com
Email: kate.countryherbals@gmail.com
Website: countryherbals.co.nz
Ph 07 357 2006 or 021 144 1113

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What can I do to shop safely?

New Zealand Government

Dear concerned citizen,

It’s important that we all try and shop safely as we unite against COVID-19.

Here’s a few things we should all now do, that will help slow the spread of the virus:
• send one person from your household to do the whole shop
• be aware that stores will limit numbers to help you keep 2 metres away from others
• be kind to essential workers, and others you’re sharing the shop with
• come with a list so you can get in and out as quickly as possible
• only touch what you want to buy
• if you like, take a soapy towel in a small container to wipe down trolley or basket handles etc
• keep 2 metres away from others, including staff. They need to keep safe too!
• use payWave if you can, not cash
• bag groceries away from others if you can
• take out produce when you get home, and wash first in soapy water to protect against the virus, then rinse to remove any soap residue
wipe down packaged goods with a soapy clean towel, then dry
• wash your hands before and after you shop.

Can I bring people in my household with me to buy essential supplies?
You should dedicate one person per household to be the shopper. This is the safest way to get essential supplies, as it reduces the number of people who are out, and helps stop the virus from spreading.

Leaving online shopping to those who need it most
• If you are healthy, or aged under 70, you should go to the supermarket to do your shopping. This leaves online delivery slots free for those that need them most.
• If you’re a parent on your own with children or over 70, move to online shopping if available. This is important for the safety of your children and others – especially essential service providers.
• If that’s not possible, reach out to nearby friends, family or neighbours who can assist you with the shopping and get it to your doorstep. Your local community may also be able to assist, or you can contact your local store – some are putting special systems in place to help.

Thank you
If we all do our bit we’ll get through this. Thank you for working together and staying home. We can, and must stick with it.

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Shop safe. Shop kind. Shop local.

Four Square

While your Four Square-ing, here’s four simple rules for shopping during Level 4.

1. Be prepared so you know what you need

2. Choose your household shopper who’ll pop into Four Square alone.

3. Stay a safe distance from your fellow Four Square-ers and staff

4. Use contactless payment where possible
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Lockdown Activity

Owner/Operator from R & J Walker Decorators Ltd

Thought I might as well catchup on things around home, so my Sheds got a spruce up!