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Dakota Tiles

Facebook we made it!! its taken us a while but we finally made it.
Keep up to date with all the latest Treads, Styles, Sales and info from Dakota Tiles on our Facebook Page, pop over and have a look - show your support and tell us what you think

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12 minutes ago


Gavin from Kaiapoi

its great that the dogs are getting exercise but can you please pick up there shit.its every where i have been and it is same on most walking tracks i have had many a comment from others as well i know most of you pick it up but the lazy ones dont just like the guy on a bike today with 4 dogs unleashed in the bough school play ground i watched as 2 of them stopped for a shit and he just carried on my rant over stay safe we are half way

18 hours ago

Astonishingly stupid

David from Rangiora

Have just cycled down church street and what do I see?
About twenty kids on the skate board park with parents sitting watching
With all the publicity how can this be? I see no difference between this and having a coffee which of course one cannot do (except at home).

3 hours ago

🦮 💩💩💩

Toni from Kaiapoi

We all are enjoying walking around our neighborhood at the moment, it’s so nice to greet and be greeted by all the friendly faces in Mansfield Park neighborhood.
BUT!!!!!!!........Please, Please, Please, those of you with dogs could you pick up after them!!!!!
Left on the grass is one thing, but it dotted up the footpaths because you’ve dragged your dog whilst they are still doing their business is disgusting!
Have a little respect for your neighbors.