55 days ago

A Farewell to Neighbourly but not a final "goobye"

Matt from Henderson

Hi everyone, Matt here. Just putting a quick post saying that I may not be using this "Neighbourly" platform as much as I used to now. I will still use this though to message individuals my views on certain worldly topics which I will not name because of the "guidelines" here. I will joining up with other believers in Jesus on this site more on christianchat.com...

I hope that everything goes alright with everyone else. If anyone wants to post me things individually, make sure you don't post anything rude or harshly on them otherwise I will just delete them. I love all of you as a brother in Christ. I pray that our nation will work out our differences, having this forum a more open minded where we can discuss such views which I can't discuss because of the "guideline" on Neighbourly.

I wish everyone a happy 2020 and pray that many will come to Christ before he returns.


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4 hours ago

Where to find your favourite Hot Cross Buns in lockdown?

Catrin Owen Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Who loves Hot Cross Buns? Nothing beats the smell of a freshly toasted hot cross bun, but as Easter this year will be spent in coronavirus lockdown and your favourite bakery or cafe is closed, we've put together a list of some of the best spices buns you can find or if you're feeling adventurous why not make them.
My personal favourites are from Daily Bread. What's your favourite thing about Easter?

21 hours ago

Join us for lunch and some new ideas

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, how are you finding life in lockdown? If you're looking for new ways to mix things up at home and in the garden, we can help!

Join us for a virtual lunch from 12.30 today (8 April), when NZ House & Garden and NZ Gardener editors Naomi Larkin and Jo McCarroll will be live on Homed to answer your questions, share their expertise and chat about your latest projects.

From repurposing items you already have to create a stylish new interior, to getting a steer on what you can sow and grow in the garden right now, here's your chance to get help and advice from those in the know.

And if you've already finished some home and garden projects during lockdown, don't be shy... show us what you've done. We'd love to see them! Click here and get in early to submit your questions and join in the fun. You can also email photos of your projects to: homed@stuff.co.nz.

1 day ago

Shopping for the elderly

Ray from Henderson

Hi there
I'm in my late 60s and my father is 93 and only my wife is able to go out. We are having trouble getting to the supermarkets with large ques waiting to get in. I wish this panic buying would stop. Listen to the experts "We will not run out of stock" By bulk buying these people are depriving the elderly of essential goods. Is there a way that a time slot can be set with ALL the supermarkets for Seniors to do their shopping. How can we introduce something like this. Your help would be very much appreciated