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Poll: Would a 4-day work week increase your productivity?

Maia Hart Reporter from Marlborough Express

Research shows a four day work week can be more productive, compared to working five.

Do you think a four day week would suit you?

If you have trialed a four-day work week leave a comment below or email maia.hart@stuff.co.nz

Would a 4-day work week increase your productivity?
  • 71% Yes, I think I would be just as productive.
    71% Complete
  • 9.7% No, I wouldn't have time to get everything done.
    9.7% Complete
  • 12.9% Hmm, I'm not sure, I would have to trial it.
    12.9% Complete
  • 6.5% Other, I'll let you know in the comments.
    6.5% Complete
31 votes
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Ou Values

Hannah Cunningham from Volunteer Marlborough

Our core values are:
- Empowerment: To inspire and enable people to connect and contribute within their communities
- Collaboration: To work with community partners and organisations to promote, value and support effective volunteering
- Inclusiveness: To recognise and value the diversity of all expressions of volunteering

If these values resonate with you, join us at marl.volunteermatch.org.nz...

Alternatively, call/txt 021478330, or email vm@volunteermarlborough.org.nz

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Stuff Prosper

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