66 days ago

Covid-19 Update

Daniel from Mr Watts Electrical

Hi everyone, we are continuing to run an on-call service for the next 4 weeks while in lockdown (a list of things classed as essential will be below). I'm aware that many are feeling a financial strain at this time so, IF MONEY IS A PROBLEM PLEASE TALK TO US ABOUT OPTIONS. In what can be a scary time, having no power can amplify that feeling so please get in touch.

I would largely appreciate it if you could share this message. One of the hardest things for us is making people aware of what we do. As always, a massive thank you to our clients, it's your support that helps us give back to the community in times like this.

Our goal is to stay home as much as possible for the safety of the Kapiti community, so we may decide your problem is not essential while in lockdown. If this is the case, we can schedule you in for when we reopen. We will also be wearing a facemask and disposable gloves for our safety and yours, on arrival.

Problems that warrant a call-out:
▪️ No Hot Water
▪️ Loss of Power
▪️ Partial Loss of Power (loss of lights or loss of necessary
▪️ Pump Failure
▪️ Major Oven Repairs (due to not being able to order
▪️ Loss of Power for Medical Equipment
▪️ Loss of Heating

Always open to a conversation if you are concerned about anything or wanting general advice on 0278414557

All the best from our family to yours,

Daniel Watson
Mr Watts Electrical

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9 hours ago

Winter Ready Your Home!

Lynne from Raumati Beach

Before and After
Winters coming! Make sure your house is sealed and protected for the wet and cold months ahead!
Hint of Tint Painters - Message us on Neighbourly or Call Lynne on 021721016

11 hours ago

Closed for Queens Birthday Weekend

Richard Foote from LVT - Light Vehicle Testing

We will be closed on Friday 29 May, Saturday 30 May and Monday 1 June for the long weekend.
Re-opening at 8am on Tuesday 2 June.
The Team at LVT wish you all a safe and happy long weekend

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Glenn from Paraparaumu

I know this app is on it's last legs judging by the MANY comments and posts I have seen of late, which is such a shame because it USED to be a well run and constantly updated & maintained app.
This is the first time I have come across this tho, so is someone able to help me out please? I’m getting next to no assistance from the app developers...😤
This is a filtered screenshot of a message with the corresponding pop up. Despite attempting to SEND message numerous times, it did not send & this pop up kept popping up!