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Gary from Waikanae

Microbe Apocalypse? All Your Questions Answered!
Copthorne Hotel, 100 Oriental Parade, Wellington
Tuesday 18 February 2020 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Cost - $10

We are now faced with more severe health threats than ever before. It is time to build bulletproof immunity for you and your family.
Join us to learn about your immune system and the antibody response that will fight even the toughest threats. Find out all about the latest scientific advancements and the latest research.

Graeme Clegg, Chairman & Founder | New Image™ International Presents:

- Why the World Health Organisation declared a global emergency.
- Virus - facts and myths identified. Understand and minimise the risk.
- At the current infection rates, it has been reported that by the end of February, there could be over 2 million infected and 30,000 deaths.
- Antibiotics are totally ineffective against Viruses. Only antibodies can neutralise viruses.
- Colostrum strengthens the immune system. The Coronavirus targets those with weak immunity. 10% of those hospitalised die. Throughout history, those with robust immune systems have survived every plague and epidemic.

Phone/Text Gary now on 021 1155049 to reserve your seat.

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Rose from Otaki District

I'm just curious, is it only my posts getting taken down that are relating to 5G or are other people finding this too?? Thanks

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That Trailer Guy Post Lockdown pic-ups and deliveries

Owner/Operator from That Trailer Guy

Hi, fellow Kapiti community,

Hope you are all safe in your own bubbles and being stuck at home is not as bad as most of us first thought.

Throughout this lockdown you have probably had more time to spend with the family that our normal busy lives wouldn’t allow as much, and also time to do that list of chores and jobs around the house such as gardening, clearing out the garage and sorting out the old rubbish you never got the time to sort through.

Once the lockdown is lifted and we will go back to or busy lives which will be extra busy with trying to catch up on the back log throughout the lockdown, so if you have been busy in the garden or sorting out your old rubbish then call That Trailer Guy on 027-8724537 or e-mail info@thattrailerguy.co.nz to book a time/day slot to come and pick your greenwaste and rubbish up and take to the tip, also picking up the large on-line purchases, whilst you catch up with your work life once we are back to normal.

Bookings are now being taken on a first come first served basis, once we allowed to commence.

Be good and Stay Safe

That Trailer Guy
M: 027-8724537
E: info@thattrailerguy.co.nz
W: www.thattrailerguy.co.nz...

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Today's LoL

Alan from Raumati Beach

Alan Tristram says once again that President Trump has provided the last laugh...for Jacinda.