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On Friday, I had the pleasure to co-host a fantastic panel discussing the most critical current issues for business operations and survival post COVID19 lockdown for BSN NZ

Glen from Paraparaumu

While local Kapiti business owners submitted the questions, the content is relevant to all NZ SME businesses.

If you are running a small/medium-sized business, I recommended you take a short break and watch.

Areas covered include:
HR/Employee Relations
Mental Wellbeing
Managing Cash Flow
Operating a business while meeting COVID-19 obligations
Government funding available to help business recovery
Re-building your business after lockdown
Marketing with restricted fund

It is free to watch at Business Support Network NZ www.bsn.nz...

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1 day ago

The Remedy in Paraparaumu is being forced to paint their walls white!?

Liana from Raumati Beach

Update for the record: I found out it was the landlord of the building who is disputing the use of the wall, not the council. The council actually sided with The Remedy.

Details here:

Posting for awareness:

I am so saddened and disappointed that someone (whether business or person has yet to be determined) has decided to complain to the council about the beautiful, colorful mural on the Remedy coffee building and demand that it be whitewashed. I am usually so proud of this community, and I can’t get my head around the small mindedness and mean spiritedness of this at all.

The Remedy have asked on their Facebook for their loyal customers to come along and write in sharpie a message of support on the wall before they have to paint it plain old white - all because we have a few horrible “Karens” in town. And unfortunately, it seems the Karen’s have won this round.

Please keep support high for this wonderful business, which happens to have the best coffee and bagels around!

And to whoever it was who instigated this awful whitewashing of an iconic, bright, cheerful landmark: just know that karma is a very real thing. I trust you’ll be getting yours back to you - “Karen”.

11 days ago

Show us your winter snaps!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Wellington! The days are getting colder and the Neighbourly Snaps campaign is turning up the heat in your region. Show the rest of your neighbours the wintery scenes around your pad or your region. What's your idea of a wintery scene? Post your photo in the comments below ⬇️⬇️

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Sylvie-Patricia from Paws Family Ltd

What an amazing two weeks journey with PUBSA, I have learn new skills and did trade on the PUBSA Tradeshow at Coastlands on the 30/06/20 This was an amazing Experience for me, that I will renew with other Trade Shows...