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Every Businesses out there on the Kapiti Coast - Very Important to you!

Sylvie-Patricia Claren from Combined Probus Club Of Waikanae Incorporated

For every businesses out there in Kapiti Coast this is for you to know...
Business Support Network Launched for Kapiti
Local businesses who have been impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown can now turn to

professional advisers in Kapiti for free initial advice on how to move forward as the economy

enters recovery mode.

A group of local professionals have formed a business support network, sponsored by the

Kapiti Economic Development Agency (KEDA), offering their services in a wide range of

fields including financial and accountancy advice, human resources management, legal

advice, information technology, e-commerce, supply chain management, marketing, mental

wellbeing and business mentoring.

Liz Koh, Chair of KEDA, says the support from local professionals has been overwhelmingly

positive. ‘I am blown away by the response we have had to this initiative. It just goes to show

what a caring community we have. It also demonstrates a recognition that we are all in this

together – that if we help others succeed, we will all succeed.’

Support is accessed online at www.BusinessSupportNetwork.nz... which contains a directory of

advisers offering help. Businesses can contact advisers directly using the contact details

shown or register for free as needing help in specific areas. Resources such as key

documents, important links, up-coming and pre-recorded webinars can also be found on the

site, and there is a forum where businesses can discuss issues that are of concern to them. The

website has been founded by KEDA member Glen Olsen, a specialist in the positive

transformation of business through technological innovation.

Olsen says that once successfully established in Kapiti, he plans to roll the Business Support

Network out to other regions in New Zealand, creating a nationwide support network.


About KEDA

The Kāpiti Coast has the potential to be one of the fastest growing regions in New Zealand in

the coming decades and it's vital that we don’t let the opportunities before us slip by. To that

end, a group of leading Kapiti business and professional people have volunteered their time

to establish the Kapiti Economic Development Agency (KEDA), which aims to connect

locals who are passionate about the Kāpiti Coast with innovative projects that will help

support more jobs, higher incomes, and maintain the great lifestyle that makes Kāpiti the

place we love to call home.

Members of the community with skills and interests in Economic Development are

encouraged to join KEDA at www.keda.nz...

About the Business Support Network

Small & medium-sized businesses in New Zealand are finding themselves in a changing and

challenging environment. Many of these businesses need support from the wider New

Zealand business community and professionals.

Our mission is to provide an efficient platform, through which professionals and business can

come together to minimize the longer-term economic and likely mental-wellbeing impacts of

the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Business Support Network is free for both professionals and businesses to join at


For more information contact:

Liz Koh

Ph 021 313339



Glen Olsen

Ph 0224 169 770



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