63 days ago

Is continuing to trade going against the Lockdown?

Michael Neighbourly Lead from Roslyn - Terrace End

I dont want to say Neighbours shouldn't help one another but I really want to discourage it. Kiwis are a very fine bunch and you humble me with how helpful you all are to one another but this is essentially an antithesis to lockdown.

There's no way for us to know the person who offers isn't infected and that they sterilised the offering and also I'm afraid, I think its breaking the law. We're to go out only for essentials or as essential workers, volunteers to help. Not to continue trading amongst ourselves.

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Look at these great Local Likes...

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hey Vertical Arborists and Foxton Beach Four Square! Your neighbours really LIKE you! Check out these awesome shoutouts from your Manawatu Whanganui community. Thanks for being such a special part of your community. Make a Local Like

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Miracle Mineral Solution – dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects

Keith from Kelvin Grove

Medsafe has recently received queries about Miracle Mineral Solution products, and so we are again warning consumers not to buy or drink these products.
Miracle Mineral Solution products, also described on associated websites as water purification solutions, are promoted as effective destroyers of pathogens, fungi, disease, bacteria and viruses, and more recently, COVID-19. Medsafe is not aware of any scientific evidence that these products are effective against pathogens in the body when the product is consumed.
These products contain a high concentration of sodium chlorite, which is used for textile bleaching and as a disinfectant. When mixed as directed, the sodium chlorite develops into chlorine dioxide – a bleach that can cause dangerous and potentially life-threatening side effects when consumed.

10 hours ago


Caroline from Feilding

The Sanson Boot Sale is open this Sunday and every Sunday. A great family outing. If you want a stall send me a private message or just come out between 7 -8am. Great friendly atmosphere. All are welcome.