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1 day ago


Jenni from Palmerston North Central

hi guys ..I am a little confused by what was publicized as a safety precaution when shopping in supermarkets. That 1 in and 1 out policy?
The other day I went to get some groceries, first time since the lockdown.
I queued up ..there were only a few of us and I thought to myself, thats good...there was a gazebo outside New World Pioneer Hyway , another plus point... How nice of the shop ...then the woman at the entrance said we could ALL go in ...
To my surprise, there was quite a crowd of shoppers inside already. It was difficult to keep the 2 m distance ..... I was in and out in 30 minutes. If there was a sick person inside, we would all be infected ...
I wish the shop would not let so many people in at the same time ..I would feel safer ...
Or was I being paranoid? what do you think?

2 hours ago

Relationship Strategies for Lockdown

Gail from Kelvin Grove

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2 hours ago

Want to woman bike

Denese from Roslyn - Terrace End

Hi lm wanting to buy a woman mountain bike txt me on 0272417050 if anyone got one for sale thank you