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6 hours ago

Want to help New Zealand recover?

Student Job Search

Keen to support your community and whānau?

Enjoy diverse and challenging work?

Are you a recent graduate or about to graduate?

It’s a time of unprecedented change with Covid-19 so we are looking for graduates from all degree backgrounds who truly want to make a difference to New Zealand and New Zealanders.

The GovTechTalent graduate programme in Wellington gives you the opportunity to change things for the better, while also shaping your own career path so don’t get left behind - apply for GovTechTalent today!
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10 hours ago

Poll: Relying on Family/ Friends

Manager from Coronation Lodge Rest Home

How much do you feel that you can rely on your family to be there in a time of need? Would you say a great deal, quite a bit,moderate, not at all.

Relying on Family/ Friends
  • 75% Great deal / Quite a bit
    75% Complete
  • 0% A moderate amount
    0% Complete
  • 25% Only a little / Not at all
    25% Complete
8 votes
1 day ago

Need to build up your immunity?

Sheryl from Inglewood

My little wearable device Healy has the ability to detect where your frequency is weakened and then can transmit the balancing frequency! How cool is that - what to try it out? Give me a call or check out my Facebook page. Hear from you soon.