66 days ago

Flour shortage

Kathy from Spotswood

I have just been reading anarticle on stuff as to why there is a flour shortage and it has to do with packaging. They have run out of the smaller bags. But they have lots of flour in 20kg bags.

OK - so you can only supply 20Kg bags and I would imagine a lot of people would not be able to afford this in one shop (let alone carry it to their cars or be able to store it at home). Due to the lockdown people are being expected to think outside the box and come up creative solutions to all sorts of life's little problems. So how about distributors and supermarkets do the same. If distributors can't find a way to plain pack their flour into smaller packages (maybe give up the branding during these times) then supermarkets, who are the masters of plastic packaging could break those large packs down into smaller packs - or allow customers to bring their own containers to be filled. Or maybe I should buy up all the 20kg bags and set up myself as an essential service - 0800buyflour and deliver it to your doorstep

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15 hours ago

Do you have a spare room to rent for working male?

Wendy from Inglewood

Hi there,after a room for working male,anything considered,please ring 0272767554, thanks

1 day ago

๐ŸŽน lessons

Sharlene from Brooklands - Vogeltown

Our whAnau ๐Ÿ’– ๐ŸŽถ we want to learn how to play our ๐ŸŽน and become less repetitive. The kids favorite tune is becoming painful. Is anyone interested in teaching us for a reasonable price. An exchange would be right on. I do reflexology and massage therapy

3 days ago

bee hives

Margaret from Brooklands - Vogeltown

I see by a report on stuff that commercial beekeepers can still dump their stripped hives close to our city boundary . here I am asking who where an when did council ask the community for their views?, large scale hives dumped over winter kill more local hives than anything else . Did someone get a backhander?. can anyone out there put their hand up a say they were asked? as for cats like my cats can we not reduce amount of council employees instead Rob