65 days ago

Help for those stuck or vulnerable....

Sharon from Bluff Hill

From the MSD website....
Most people can access food and other essential items for themselves and their whanau, either through their own means or through their community providers or support networks like whānau, friends, iwi and neighbours. For some people this is not a possibility and they may need extra help to access the things they need during self-isolation, like food and medicines.
Financial help to people is available through Work and Income. This works well when people have their own way of getting the goods they need.
If you have an urgent need for essential supplies and you don’t have the means or transport to get it yourselves, you can contact your local Civil Defence and Emergency Group (CDEM) for help. This service is intended for people and whanau who don’t have any other options available to them.
The service operates seven days a week from 7am to 7pm.
If you find yourself in this situation, please phone your local Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group.
CDEM Group Public contact number
Northland 0800 790 791
Auckland 0800 222 296
Waikato 0800 800 405
Bay of Plenty 0800 884 222
Wanganui 0800 725 678
0800 900 077
Gisborne 0800 653 800
Hawke's Bay 0800 422 923
Wellington 0800 141 967
Nelson Tasman 0800 505 075
Marlborough 03 520 7400
Canterbury 0800 24 24 11
Chatham Islands 03 305 0033 Ex 715
West Coast 03 900 9329
Otago 0800 322 4000
Southland 0800 890 127

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21 days ago

Wild apple trees

Robert from Poraiti

Hi I am starting a project of trying to protect wild seedling apple trees or ones that may be growing that don’t get any attention and trying to protect our heritage varieties around the Hawke’s bay. If anyone knows of any apple trees that they have been found on walks or farms or properties or old orchards that are neglected that could be grafted and helped to keep going. Please I would really like to know and try to protect these. I would appreciate any help. And if you could pass on to friends and others around our district that would be great. Thanks lots.

1 day ago

good tucker

Dave from Maraenui

use with dip

16 hours ago

off to town

Dave from Maraenui

who wants a ride