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Heading away this Labour Weekend? Keep your home secure with these tips!

AMI Napier

It’s been a long time coming, but the long weekend is finally nearly here! If you’re thinking of going away this weekend, here are some tips on how you can help keep your home safe while you’re off enjoying the (hopefully) sunny weather. See our tips

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Tell us about the coronavirus lockdown champions in your community

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

We want to celebrate the unsung heroes who are keeping our country going through lockdown.

Frontline nurse Debra Larsen's life has turned into a "real whirlwind" since the coronavirus outbreak began.

She's been so busy setting up testing centres around the Waikato. and helping them run smoothly that she's barely seen her two teenage daughters.

Do you know a coronavirus lockdown champion who deserves to be recognised? Tell us about them in the comments below.

To read more about Debra's life on the frontline, click here.

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road traffic

Ron from Greenmeadows

Had my daily walk today again, [ yes out again Anne ], and in the same time frame as Sunday, when I counted 60 vehicles on the road, there was 65 whilst on Tues the comparative count was approx 62. Although, without stopping every vehicle to prove their legitimate reason for travel, it does raise the question in my mind that with the food markets and pharmacies shut today where were they all going?
Please note those wishing to get onto an argument re the rights and wrongs this is just an observation of mine you don't have to prove to me why you were out and about in your vehicle.

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Ron from Greenmeadows

Went for a 25 minute walk on Sunday along Guppy Rd between Tait Drive and Cornwall Rd and counted 60 vehicles. Slower walk of 33 minutes on Tuesday resulted in a count of 84 vehicles and on both days many had 2 or more passengers. It would appear that many folk are just ignoring the common sense advice. Anyone else noticed the volume of traffic seems high given the circumstances?