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ParaBeam Alert System plus Installation!

Mike from OHC Ltd

A ParaBeam is a great way to be notified if anyone enters your property. Can cover areas of importance such as driveways, gates, common entry spots, and garages. The base receiver can integrate with many alarm systems, consolidating your security into one.

The ParaBeam system utilizes strong and reliable solar-powered beams to detect if a car or person crosses it, and sends a signal to the base receiver alerting the owner that someone has entered. These systems can be installed into many places, with a range of up to 300m between the beams (the area you want to monitor), and 2.5km from the beam to the base receiver (in the house or office). Standard installation has a range of 40m for the beam and 400m for the receiver. With a selection of various models, we can find a solution for your needs.

Starting from $1199.

Optional extras include:
• Pagers and radios to alert multiple people on-site
• GSM module to send a text when the beam is broken
• Up to four total ParaBeams per base receiver
• Additional remote alarm to cover another area of the house or workplace

Inquire via phone or in-store to discuss your needs and solutions.

Price: $1,199

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Dealing with local weeds #2 Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium)

Sean from Carterton District

I say #2 as I have written quite a lot about Buckthorn that is rife in Carterton, but have all but eliminated from our property. Now Yarrow. Quite a bit in our lawn and in the berms in Lincoln Road Carterton. Often seen in roadsides when in flower, see pictures below. My research shows it is encouraged overseas and has some redeeming qualities, one is the use of its foliage providing good results on bleeding cuts when no sticking plaster is handy. I have a Lawnboy Sprayer and plan to give my lawn a treatment and have learnt that Dicamba that is in Turfix could have a good result. Hard to remove manually as its rhizomes (heavy stems that grows underground) are hard to remove completely. It was introduced as a component for pastures in New Zealand owing to its high mineral content and drought resistant properties but of course unwanted in our lawns! If anyone has other information to add that could be helpful, let me know.

1 day ago

Join us for lunch and some new ideas

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, it was great to see so many of you at our live lunch with NZ Home and Garden and NZ Gardener editors Naomi Larkin and Jo McCarroll. Thanks for stopping by :)

If you missed it, you can still drop in for a recap and see if Jo and Naomi answered your questions, here.

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Lost cat -posted on behalf

Annette from Masterton District

From Church St end of Colombo Rd