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Do you want to enjoy the same luxury as Prince William and Kate the Duchess of York? Well you can!

Tranzit Tours Wairarapa

If you missed out on our awesome day trip to Wharekauhau Country Estate, then get in touch with the Tours Team and secure a spot on our new date-August 29th 2019.

Our Wellington Travel Club will travel by train to Featherston where we join the Wairarapa Travel Club crew. We all travel in the royal "carriage" ( or rather coach) to the lodge, stopping for a spot of shopping at the boutique Martinborough Village. Onward we head for our first class lunch and tour at Wharekauhau-One of New Zealand's most luxurious lodges. Treat yourself - Live like royalty 👑

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1 day ago

How is your pet reacting to you being around all the time?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Coco follows her owner round the house all day, Buster has started barking at strangers, and Rover has already been walked by every member of the family today. Twice. Dogs are overjoyed to have humans home 24/7, but they're sensitive, and during times of human stress need special care. How are your pets coping?

4 hours ago


Lizzy from Greytown

Does anyone know what these are?? We have had them crawling a foot up the front door and concrete area outside for the last few days. This pic is magnified and are the size of a pin head. We have sprayed with fly spray and No Bugs spray which kills them but within half an hr are back crawling.

7 hours ago

Class 2 Truck Driver Needed for Delivery to South Island

Kenneth from Greytown

I need to hire a Class 2 Truck Driver for a delivery from the Wairarapa to Christchurch. I have access to a truck but need a driver as I only have a Class 1 licence myself. Is anyone able to advise on how to find and hire a driver for such?
Many thanks.