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FOOD Supplies PaknSave

Dotty from Naenae

Hello I Live on Hewer Cres, and want to offer Neighbours on Hewer a supply run.
I’m heading out alone tomorrow, to get our fortnightly shopping, me and my husband always did this together but sadly this is now not possible.

I’m Not out to rip anyone off, i assure you i just want to help.
You will need to have a debit card with payWave, your supplies wont be able to exceed $80 as this requires a PIN number, and i dont want to take your pin.
You’ll need to write your list down, along with your phone number, put this into your shopping bag with your bank card and can leave it by the letter box, ill collect this and return it leaving your stuff at the gate ill call you when I’m back.

I’m aiming to leave 10am tomorrow morning. Message me and ill send your my mobile number.
If you have an elderly neighbour? Ask them if they need something.

Stay safe out there and take care.

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Stump removal starting at $180

Joshua from Price Smart Landscaping and Gardeners

Getting a tree stump out of the ground is an almost impossible undertaking without the correct equipment, knowledge and experience. Using the safest and most up to date equipment for removing stumps, we are experienced in stump removals on residential and commercial structures.

For a reasonable estimate
Give us a call at 027 548 9818
Visit www.pricesmart.co.nz...

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Poll: What do you think of CCTV on private homes?

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

I'm writing a story about CCTV security cameras on homes, what's the best system, how to install them, and whether or not they're a useful deterrent.
I wondered what you thought about private security cameras. Are they good for the neighbourhood? Or a sign troubled communities?
If you've got a strong opinion about them, drop me a line and let me know what you think.

What do you think of CCTV on private homes?
  • 90.5% Yes, they're OK.
    90.5% Complete
  • 5% I'm not sure.
    5% Complete
  • 4.5% No, they're not OK.
    4.5% Complete
200 votes
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Ryman pioneers certainty

Ryman Healthcare Limited

Ryman’s Peace of Mind guarantees provide a little certainty in your retirement. Our affordable base weekly fee is fixed for life*, our deferred management fee is capped at 20 per cent, one of the lowest around, and villages provide independent living, assisted living and a full range of care options. These are just some of the ways we’re pioneering a new way of living for a new retirement generation.

*Some conditions apply.

Visit our website to find the village that’s right for you.
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