72 days ago

What's it like in your area?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

On Thursday Wellington turned into a wasteland, the sound of wind replacing traffic on the morning commute. Like many of you, our reporters are working from home. But, on lockdown day one, we challenged them to provide you with a sense of what history looks like. Notebooks and cameras in hand, social distancing rules enforced, here's what they found. What's it like in your area?

More messages from your neighbours
2 hours ago

Small dog crate

Carmen from Boulcott

Hi neighbours
I’m wondering if anyone has a small or medium dog crate they are no longer using and are wanting to sell.


3 hours ago

Searching for household items please 😁

Danielle from Epuni

Hey All.
For past year and a half my family have been living under emergency housing (myself,partner and our son -7year old) has been most stressful time.

Fast forward last week we have finally been offered a house. So things are starting to look brighter.

Our only problem is that we don’t have any household needs to move with apart from couple kitchen utensils. Is anybody able please help happy to pay if needed

Would really appreciate it
Thanks so much

3 hours ago

Aluminium can fundraiser?

Kylie from Alicetown

Does anyone know of any group collecting aluminium cans for a fundraiser? We stock-piled recycling during lockdown and have a decent bucket full. Seems a waste to just put out by the curb, but also not nearly enough on its own to take to cash for scrap place.