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What's On: Breakfast on the Green

Christine from Maungaraki

Maungaraki Richmond Scouts annual Breakfast on the Green fundraiser. Come to the green park across from the Maungaraki shops for pancakes, french toast, sausages and bacon, lemonade and home baking.
Breakfast on the Green
  • Maungaraki Green
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You're in lockdown and so is Mittens

Sharron Pardoe Reporter from Dominion Post

Wellington's most famous turkish angora is weathering the lockdown at home in a printer box.

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Finding our Alert Level 4 routine

New Zealand Government

This week sees us all getting used to living at Alert Level 4. For this to work, we must all stick to the plan.

Stay home. It WILL save lives.
Let’s all remember why we are taking such extreme measures.
Staying home won’t always be easy. But the evidence tells us this is the best way to save the lives of other New Zealanders.

Finding our routines
It will take some time to build up new daily routines. That’s to be expected. We all need to be gentle with ourselves, and accept that things could be difficult for a while as we learn to adjust.

Looking after ourselves and others
Don’t forget to take time to look after yourself, and also to check-in on others. Asking someone how they are feeling is a good way to connect and show that you care.

We all need to stick to the plan
For this to work, and the effort we are all making to be worth it, we all need to stick to the plan, all the time. No exceptions.

Don’t move around
The virus is spread by us. So we all need to avoid moving around as much as possible. If you do go out for exercise or to get essential supplies, stay local. This is incredibly important. Don’t move between different areas.

Thank you for doing your bit
A massive thank you to everyone for working so hard to slow the spread of COVID-19. Together, we can and will save lives.

If you need help knowing what to do, visit covid19.govt.nz.
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What you need to know from us on COVID-19

The team from Hutt City Council

We are doing all we can to support local people and businesses through this period. We know it will have a significant social and economic impact across the community

There are small and practical things we are doing right now to help ease the burden. We’ve removed charges for parking, suspending library fines, and we’re also establishing a $100,000 community resilience fund to support groups and initiatives.

The most important priority for us right now is keeping our people safe, and maintaining essential services - like waste collection, our roading network etc.

If you have any questions about work Council is doing, or our services during the lockdown period - visit our website or call us on 04 570 6666.

Rubbish and recycling
Rubbish collection continues as normal. You can buy council rubbish bags from supermarkets or dairies or arrange for a wheelie bin for your rubbish through a private company.

Glass only in recycling crates. All other recyclables either reuse or put into the rubbish.
Community recycling stations are closed.

If you’re struggling to pay your rates due to COVID-19, contact us.
Call 04 570 6666 or email rates@huttcity.govt.nz
If you make a payment arrangement with us no penalties will be applied.

We’re here to help you get through.

During Level 4 almost all Council facilities are closed.
This includes all indoor facilities such as libraries, hubs, pools, gyms, and our admin building on Laings Rd.
It also includes outdoor facilities such as playgrounds and artesian water taps where there is risk of infection through shared equipment. The Riverbank car park is closed due to illegal rubbish dumping.

Cemeteries remain open at this stage for visitation, but please stick to the 2m distancing rule.
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