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Do you run a small business?

Stuff Prosper

Business owners consistently show initiative, hard work and resilience - and more than ever over the past few weeks.

Prosper has launched a small business survey to gauge the scale of Covid-19's impact.

It'll only take a few minutes to complete - and will help us, help small businesses like yours, in weeks and months to come.
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2 days ago

Looking for a home based small business accountant

Kelly from Maitai

Are there any small business accountants around that maybe work from home and are a bit cheaper then the ones who have an office in town?

9 hours ago

Generation Pandemic: How has Covid-19 affected your children?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

This week we're looking at how the pandemic will affect our children and their resilience. The Sunday Star-Times wants to hear from children about how they've been impacted by Covid-19 and lockdown. Perhaps they've learned more about hand washing and germs, or maybe they want to talk about having mum or dad home more often, or learning from home. Kids can write a sentence or two to be included in print by emailing kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz, by Friday, July 10, at 5pm. Their first names and ages may be used in print. Parents, if you're happy for your children to be photographed please let us know.

6 hours ago

Save the Maitai - Kaka Valley

Tony from Maitai

Contrary to what you might read in the Mail or on Stuff at the moment, our group is NOT opposed to the Atawhai Ridge subdivision. We are concerned ONLY with the Kaka Valley subdivision. These two developments are being promoted by two different companies and are TWO SEPERATE projects, linked only by joining forces on their approach to council. Kaka Valley is the old Carter's Farm accessed from Ralphine Way. It is nowhere near Atawhai, Walter's Bluff, or Centre of New Zealand !