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Providing knitting wool is an essential service

Marty Sharpe Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

Maree Buscke knew knitting was essential, but she wasn't sure the government would.
It did, and she's delighted.

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Star Wars

Sarah from Sarah Hansen's Scentsy

💫 Star Wars 💫 has returned to Scentsy
The Star Wars Collection is available on my Scentsy website


C-3PO™ – Scentsy Buddy Clip + Star Wars™: Light Side of the Force

Filled with scented beads, these super-cute, on-the-go clips are perfect for decorating backpacks and more! Each Buddy Clip features its own unique fragrance. C3PO™ even comes with his own mesh bag!

Chewbacca™ – Scentsy Buddy + C-3PO™ – Scentsy Buddy Clip bundle

Let Chewie recreate his adventures on Bespin with a C-3PO™ – Scentsy Buddy Clip and a mesh backpack to tote him around in, all included in this clever bundle! The Chewbacca™ – Scentsy Buddy comes preselected with a Scent Pak in our Star Wars™: Light Side of the Force fragrance, which tucks right into his satchel. C-3PO™ is scented with our light side fragrance and is not sold separately.

Chewbacca™ – Scentsy Buddy + Star Wars™: Light Side of the Force – Scent Pak

Everyone needs a wookiee co-pilot, and Chewie is ready to roar through hyperspace with a satchel for his Scent Pak and his very best smile! Each Chewbacca™ – Scentsy Buddy comes preselected with a Scent Pak in our Star Wars™: Light Side of the Force fragrance.

Darth Vader™ - Scentsy Warmer

Give yourself to the dark side — and seduce any Star Wars™ fan — with this most-impressive Darth Vader Warmer. Besides his imposing frame, it’s the details that make his presence truly fearsome, from the light-up uniform to the TIE Fighter-shaped cutouts in back that cast ominous silhouettes on any surface.

Millennium Falcon™ – Scentsy Warmer

1 day ago

Did you miss out on diagnostic appointments during lockdown?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

People are diagnosed with cancer everyday in New Zealand, but what about during the coronavirus lockdown? We're keen to talk to someone whose diagnostic appointments were put on hold during alert level 4, and how this has affected you. If you are willing to share your story, and be identified, please email kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz.

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Kauri House Auctions - NEED STOCK

Kauri House Auctions from KauriHouse Auctions

KAURI HOUSE AUCTIONS IS READY TO RECEIVE STOCK - Thank you to all our fantastic auction customers. We have cleared the backlog of stock in the warehouse and are now needing stock for upcoming auctions.
Anyone within the Havelock North/Hastings area that has a QUANTITY of items that need to be collected, we will offer FREE PICK UP (8th June - 13th June ONLY).
Please call us to arrange pick up. For smaller lots or single items drop it in to us at 408 St Aubyn Street Parkvale. Call 06 8704744 to arrange.

Drop off days are MONDAY, TUESDAY and FRIDAY (WEDNESDAYS by appointment)