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Kim from Mayfair

HI wanting a builder who does kitchens for a free quote who can put up some cupboards no one exspensive please .thanks

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At-Home Fire Safety Checklist

Fire and Emergency from Fire and Emergency New Zealand

With everyone staying home, it’s now more important than ever for everyone to be fire-safe. People can find information on our website - fireandemergency.nz...

We’re heading into winter, and with households self-isolating together, there’ll be more cooking at home, and more use of open fires, heaters, and dryers - all things which can increase fire risk.

New Zealanders can be confident that Fire and Emergency is well-prepared and ready to respond to emergencies as usual during the nationwide self- isolation period.

Please call 111 if you have a fire, we will ask you whether anyone at the address is self-isolating or has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Where this is the case, we already have necessary measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety including protective clothing, gloves, masks, safety glasses and mask.

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Some thing to do

Max from Flaxmere

So today I was bored so I got on the roof and started to count how many flying objects I could find in the air

MY answer is : None
Why : caused it is in lockdown

3 hours ago

Kiwi's in Aussie

Marie from Flaxmere

Before you start bagging out the dole bulging Kiwis in Aussie take time to learn the the facts! Since July 2001 any Kiwis arriving in Aussie are not entitled to Centrelink with the exception of Family Tax A & B and what was called the baby bonus….here’s a newsflash…. this is not coming out of your taxes. New Zealand government reimburses the Australia government for whatever is paid out, not your taxes! So Kiwis living here come with the intent to work, they have jobs!

Aussies allow Kiwis to care for their most venerable. Kiwis work in Aged Care, Child Care, Disability services, Nurses along with many other jobs. They are business owners, managers of business, street cleaner and truck drivers. We have stood beside Aussies in the past during War times, fires, floods and earthquakes. The Coronavirus sits besides all of these.

Kiwis are not entitled to additional assistance during this time. Whole families will be on the streets with no form of income. Kiwis pay taxes, give back to the community, they help your kids in sports and as teachers yet are not entitled to anything.

Kiwis are not dole bulgers people, they are your neighbours, your work mates, your friends.

Australia will have their own humanities crisis within their own country. I am ashamed of how the 600,000 Kiwis are going to be without any support. The PM of New Zealand pleaded with the Australia PM to assist in this time of crisis. The answer was NO. And yes everyone else that is in Australia is entitled to some form of financial assistance, refugees, people on other visa’s, yet not Kiwi’s.... regardless of the fact we pay taxes and support Australia.

Many Kiwis would love to apply for permanent residency however this is a minimum of $3700 per person

Lend a hand to your Kiwi mates!