71 days ago


Dianne from Hamilton East

Stay at home.
Stay in touch.
Stay resolute.
Stay in contact with the people who make you laugh the most. Try to stay in touch with the people who you make laugh too.
Stay calm.
Stay away from the rolls of toilet paper (with the exception of the obvious – you know what I mean).
Stay kind.
Stay kind.
Stay kind.
Stay a safe distance from each other but
Stay human.
Stay gentle with people who are doing it tough and actually that includes everyone.
Stay in love.
Stay honest.
Stay focused. This will be hard.
Stay safe.
Stay brave.
Stay hopeful.
Stay with me.
Stay fixed on the knowledge that the sun will continue to rise in gold and set in ruby even amongst this madness and this too shall end.

We have a long way to go friends, but we will make it.

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9 days ago

Looking for babies clothes

Aaron from Enderley

Hi everyone. I am desperately looking for any baby boys and girls clothes to help a young family out ive been supporting here in Hamilton. Any donations of any clothes, shoes, that you would like to donate would so appreciate this to help out this young couple.
I am on Enderley ave for drop offs.

1 hour ago

Shake Up

Dianne from Hamilton East

Here's a nice post and not a niggly nasty one
Have you tried the new Hamburger place in Grey Street?
Shake up offer only 4 burgers but they are totally delicious and such a good price for what you get.
I have no connection with this company I just enjoy some yummy near homemade food

6 days ago

Rubbish and recycling collection - one day later

The Team from Hamilton City Council

Kerbside rubbish and recycling is back to normal next week but will be one day later due to Queen's Birthday on Monday (1 June).