82 days ago

New Scam

Elizabeth from Enderley

Just a heads-up. I have received what could only be described harassment by phone from people who say that are from a company called Global Logic. Do not talk with them and most certainly do NOT type anything into your computer under their instruction. They do have what looks to be a legitimate web page, but it is not. They rang more than 20 times in the space of about 40 minutes. As soon as I hung up they phoned back. Report this behaviour to netsafe, and phone the police who tried to tell me that no crime had been committed in this case as I didn't do as they had asked, but I reminded them that harassment is a crime and therefore I expect it to be treated as such. Good luck with this everyone, and stand strong.

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2 days ago


Nina from Hamilton East

Hi Hamilton neighbours.

I was wondering if there were any recommendations for a catery?

19 hours ago

Just what you need, right nearby

Four Square

Hot chicken and fresh salad 4 the easy dinner? Apples and a loaf of bread 4 the lunchbox panic? Bacon and eggs 4 breakfast in bed?

Whether it’s easy munches, school lunches or Sunday brunches, your Four Square has everything you need to keep life nice, easy and local.

Four Square. Just what you need, right nearby.
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2 days ago

Rubbish and recycling collection - one day later

The Team from Hamilton City Council

Kerbside rubbish and recycling is back to normal next week but will be one day later due to Queen's Birthday on Monday (1 June).