85 days ago

Only 3 weeks to go until Neighbours Day Aotearoa kicks off!

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

One way to take part is by joining or setting up a Neighbourhood Support group on your street.

Our Coordinator at Hastings District Council recently sent us this snap from a get together with residents from a new suburb who are keen to get Neighbourhood Support up and running.

To gauge interest, he hosted a free barbecue at a park with the support of their local New Zealand Police to bring neighbours together to discuss setting it up. Every group is different in how it chooses to operate. Our policy is whatever works best for your area!

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14 days ago

Nature in our city!

The Team from Hamilton City Council

We've been exploring our own backyards and neighbourhoods a lot more in lock down. Where have you gone in the city to connect with nature?

1 day ago


Nina from Hamilton East

Hi Hamilton neighbours.

I was wondering if there were any recommendations for a catery?

9 hours ago

Step away from hustle and bustle

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