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ShakeOut with us on Thursday

The Team from Waikato Region Emergency Management

This Thursday is an important day for New Zealanders, with our national earthquake drill and tsunami hikoi (for those in our coastal areas) happening all around the country at 9:30am. If you haven't already, please use the link I've popped below to sign up, so you can get all the info you need.

Most schools and many businesses and government agencies around the country are shaking out with us (that's why we're doing it at 9:30am) as well as just under a million people at last count. 

The reason we're doing it is to help as many people as possible know the right thing to do in New Zealand during an earthquake: DROP to the ground, COVER yourself (especially your head so you are protected from things that may fall on your head - the main source of injury in our country during earthquakes) and HOLD on to your cover in case it bounces away and leaves you unprotected.

And if you are in a coastal area and you feel a long or string earthquake OR you see the sea doing weird things OR you hear strange noises coming from the ocean (like the sound of a train but coming from the sea) - walk or bike immediately to higher ground.

Of course, it would be smart to make sure you knew how to get to said higher ground so if you have a bach, take some time during ShakeOut on Thursday to think about where you'd go when you're there over summer, in case something DID happen.

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2 days ago

Meals on Wheels Drivers Needed!

Community Activator from Red Cross - Waikato Service Centre

This service supports elderly, ill and disabled people living at home who would otherwise struggle to provide healthy meals for themselves.
Volunteering is a fun and rewarding experience. Being a Meals on Wheels driver takes about two hours one day a week, fortnight or month, or even casually depending on your availability.
For further information please contact us on 07 849 0285 or email: waikato@redcross.org.nz

6 hours ago

Missing pair of trampers found!!!!-

Dianne from Hamilton East

Marvellous news:
Two trampers missing in the Kahurangi ranges for over 3 weeks, have been found alive!!
Fabulous news, and a tremendous outcome for all those people who worked tirelessly trying to find them.

21 hours ago

Looking for babies clothes

Aaron from Enderley

Hi everyone. I am desperately looking for any baby boys and girls clothes to help a young family out ive been supporting here in Hamilton. Any donations of any clothes, shoes, that you would like to donate would so appreciate this to help out this young couple.
I am on Enderley ave for drop offs.