64 days ago


Dianne from Hamilton East

Stay at home.
Stay in touch.
Stay resolute.
Stay in contact with the people who make you laugh the most. Try to stay in touch with the people who you make laugh too.
Stay calm.
Stay away from the rolls of toilet paper (with the exception of the obvious – you know what I mean).
Stay kind.
Stay kind.
Stay kind.
Stay a safe distance from each other but
Stay human.
Stay gentle with people who are doing it tough and actually that includes everyone.
Stay in love.
Stay honest.
Stay focused. This will be hard.
Stay safe.
Stay brave.
Stay hopeful.
Stay with me.
Stay fixed on the knowledge that the sun will continue to rise in gold and set in ruby even amongst this madness and this too shall end.

We have a long way to go friends, but we will make it.

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3 hours ago

Familiar with the latest regulations?

Lodge City Rentals

Are you adapting to the new normal? Do you know your responsibilities as a landlord?

From understanding the freeze on rent increases, to inspecting and carrying out property maintenance under the new social distancing regulations or knowing when a tenancy can be terminated.

Put your knowledge to the test and take our landlord IQ quiz. See how you score – if you still have questions, give Jason a call and put him to the test.

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Ministry Training - Virtual Info Night

Vision Hamilton

Have you ever thought of engaging in Ministry Training but didn’t know where to start? Want to know what’s involved? Join us for free at our online info night!

You can register your interest and we will send you an invite to the Zoom meeting.