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21 hours ago

Will you make the most of changes to DIY rules?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, how do you feel about the changes to building consent rules for low-risk home projects?

The government says the change will save homeowners time and money, but pro builder and The Block NZ foreman Peter Wolfkamp, is advising caution if you're planning a DIY sleep-out or office. Find out why, here.

36 minutes ago

Beating the system

Diane from Grandview Heights

I was at the supermarket and spent 300.00 on groceries when a young Māori women said to me that she would pay for my groceries with a card she must have got from work and income. Then I was to pay her the money back in cash. Surely there must be a way to prevent them from doing this. That payment was probably for her and her children for food. Not to be spent on drugs alcohol or smokes.

2 days ago

Nature in the city

The Team from Hamilton City Council

We’re lucky to have more than 1100 hectares of green space in our great river city. Where would you like to see more nature in the city and why?