70 days ago

Home owners got 6 months mortgage holidays ,what about renters and tenants?

Sally from Nawton

Not sure what others think of the yesterday annoucement the govenment made for all homeowners who will be getting 6months mortgage holidays as we tackle the Covid 19 ...what about tenants that are renting from the landlords or home owners? We too are facing the same situation and some of us will be unemployed for 4 weeks and after the lockdown too .
The government should impose the law for everyone not just specific people. The home owners may not have to pay mortgage while we are paying their mortgage for them if they are renting their porperty and on top of that we still have to pay for other essentials like power bill, phone and internet etc..and with not working during the lockdown..
I am just speaking my mind here as I am a tenant and I am sure those in my situation feel the same.
We are all in the same boat, home owners or tenants ,,,but only part of the boat is salvage while the rest are left to sink....
Worried and helpless

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Ready, set, roll!

The Team from Hamilton City Council

The new kerbside rubbish and recycling service will now start from 31 August 2020. Starting this week, teams will be out and about delivering the new bins!

1 hour ago

Plastic for Chloches

Leigh from Dinsdale

Hi does anyone want some new plastic covers ie when you get a brand new bed and some pop the plastic foamy stuff, used the pop the plastic foam in my hot house last winter ... Great for mini cloches etc ...I made sure they were removed carefully so pretty rip/hole free. Approximately 6 plastic covers

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Five steps to a greener home

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Having a 'green home' means it's energy efficient, warmer, drier, healthier and costs less to run. If you're keen on 'going green'.