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Trafalgar and Insite tours

The Travel Directors

Sipping wine on the sunny hills of Italy or how about Exploring the history of Croatia or Experiencing the Culture of Turkey... where ever your travel dreams take you let us help put the perfect tour together for you along with Trafalgar and Insight Tours.

And what better time to do so - AIR CREDIT is back!
Book a fabulous tour and You can choose a saving UP TO 10%
or an AIR CREDIT flying with Air New Zealand of Singapore Airlines.

* Save up to $1,400* off your Europe flights, when you combine a 2019 Europe Trafalgar guided holiday with an airfare on Air New Zealand or Singapore Airlines.

* Save up to $1,600* off your clients’ Europe flights, when you combine a 2019 Europe Insight Vacations premium escorted journey
with an airfare on Air New Zealand or Singapore Airlines

Come on in and chat with the girls... there is so much to discover out there, let us show you how :-)

More messages from your neighbours
3 days ago

Police call for neighbourly calm

Nicola Brennan-Tupara Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hi Neighbours,
The police are urging those with concerns or problems with their neighbours through the lockdown to report them using the 105 number.
The call comes after five people were arrested after a recent neighbourhood brawl in Hamilton street which involved a large group of people, with one showing symptoms of coronavirus.
A knife, shovel, hockey stick and baseball bat were reported to have been used in the fight.

13 minutes ago


Kathleen from Dinsdale

Posting on behalf of a friend who has lost 'Olive' from Marama Street central Hamilton on 1 April. Olive is an adult black female cat with NO white on her. She is not friendly with strangers. If you see a strange black cat around this area please phone Julie 839 4416 or 022 6224762. Thank you.

1 day ago

Countdown online. Poor

Craig from Dinsdale

Well, Placed an online order to be picked up on 01/04. Picked it up and it was short $102.00 of items that were out of stock (items I asked not to be substituted) That is o.k, however, now it is time to get My money back.
I go online & am advised via the computer generated question answerer that a refund will happen overnight after I receive My invoice. Invoice arrived 12.27am 02/04 so I expect $$$ in account this morning. But NO.

I ring the 0800 and after 1hr 55 minutes wait I get told it may take up to 10 days to be my account!

So, when I tell the genius on the phone "so what, I cannot buy any food for up to 10 days?" He replied "sorry for the inconvenience"

WELL, I will not starve, but what a poor attitude on behalf of Countdown!!!

I WILL now be bulk buying, going many different shops everyday so I can have what I want/need. Their crappy attitude has now forced Me into doing what is against the rules/suggestions.

I originally did not go overboard & buy up all and sundry. (wish I did now though)

If they ain't got the items, why are the allowing them to be purchased? I only went to the Bridge st as Dinsdale did not show the items as available for sale. (well done Dinsdale).

Oh, and on another note: day 5 now since applying for their "priority assistance" but no word.
I guess there assistance is about prioritized as there refunds!