46 days ago

Sparrows around the property dead

Donna from Foxton Beach

Hi we live in Thomas Place, Foxton Beach and in the last few days are finding either half alive or dead sparrows around our property is anyone else having this problem...really curious why birds are almost what I would say dropping out of the sky?

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12 days ago

outside the box

tina from Levin

It appears to me no one is looking outside the box, they live and expect to live according to what they have been used to living in a comfort zone, i.e. it's too hard to try and improve I would rather stay where I am it's easier, come on nz we are renowned for the #8 wire and gumboots and believe me when the time got tough for me in my life I got tougher, and now I can say this with all honesty, this is time for you all to get tough and some need to take a step back for others to have ago,

7 days ago

Hay for.sale

Yolanda from Levin

Hi there. I.was.looking for the post from Cherie Johansson Foxton.selling hay. Unable to make contact . Any.help would be appreciated. Cheers.

3 hours ago

2 x Bedside tables from Oamaru to Horowhenua

Richard from Shannon

Hello All

Have purchased 2 bedside tables off trade me - They are currently in Oamaru and looking for someone to transport them back up this way.
If you know of a Transport company or person that can help then please get in touch - Seller wants them gone by 17th June.