102 days ago

Water Delivery and Tank Cleaning

Stephen from Clean Water Solutions LTD

Wow what has the weather been up to lately. We were cleaning a tank out sat morning in wet weather gear and another in the afternoon in sunny's. Getting my money's worth out of those sunny's this year.
Anyway if you are interested in getting a water tank cleaned or water delivered give Andre from Clean Water Solutions a call on
027 4477447

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17 hours ago

the big picture

tina from Levin

it appears to me no one here is seeing it, this covid is still out there, I am fortunate enough to have a life where I really don't need other people in my life to live, (well I worked hard) now I am suspecting most of you need other people in your life to make money, and covid is still very rampant in every country except ours at the moment, however it is noted it can be in some one 4 at least 5 weeks before it is detected so I am concerned about these protest we have had recently I am also concerned about our next elections, I mean really the labour govt has not come through on any of their promises and we have a new national leader that has not been out there and Nathan Guy our MP is not going for re election and I have no idea who is trying to take his place like I said I am fine very independent and for some unknown reason I worry about you, all strangers I suppose the word is empathy

10 days ago

english only sign taken down from auckland cafe

tina from Levin

apparently it was racist asking their staff to all speak English in the kitchen area, so that means all countries are racist as all pilots and control tower operators must speak English while doing their job, for a simple safety reason everyone understands the first report, imagine a mayday in the pilots native tongue, lets Korea going to a control tower person in Russia that can only speak Russian I'm sure you can all figure that scenario out

16 days ago

just to make it clear when i make a post

tina from Levin

I am perfectly happy in my life couldn't ask for more, I put these posts up to hopefully have you all ask questions, re our government and the rules they put on us and sometimes how they may effect us, me at my age not very much lol, I have children and grandchildren and I worry about there future so I ask how are they going to pay this debt that we have now, like I said I am happy cant ask for much more just want to bring it to your attention and hope you care about your children and grandchildren as much as I do