125 days ago

A little bit of rain.....

Stephen from Clean Water Solutions LTD

Hi All
a little drizzle - more to annoy us than make much difference.

If your water tank is still looking low then why not give us a call to top up. Council water or our very own exclusive deep well water (independently tested).
Or if the incoming water has stirred up the tank and you want it cleaned we can combine into one visit. This insures the smallest time between turning off your pump and turning it back on for clean water

Call Andre on (027) 4477447 to discuss options

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11 hours ago

Tyres Free

Linda from Glen Oroua

We have a large surplus of tyres. Suitable for gardening, Siliage etc pick up Glen Oroua

11 hours ago

Yoga Time.

Paul from Levin

But for 1 of the 5, Yoga practice is 24/7