103 days ago

Work: Essential purpose only due to Covid-19

Owner/Operator from High Maintenance Abseil

Hi all. Due to the lockdown, HIgh Maintenance Abseil will strictly be available for emergency maintenance only. Any roof access work to address major leak repairs, roof damage over the month due to extreme weather can be attended to. Should attendance be required within the lockdown period, all health and safety precautions by staff to aid in the containment of the virus will be practiced. All other maintenance issues are considered minor and can be attended to from April 9, 2020 should the lockdown be lifted. Thank you for your understanding.

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38 minutes ago

Disabled car parks snatched away

Maxine Jacobs Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Mōrena kiritata,

People with disabilities are missing out on Palmerston North's nightlife because able bodied people are taking their parks after wardens go home.

Should parking wardens hours be extended, or should people gain some more respect.

15 hours ago

Lookig for a deck teacher

Quinton from Milson

Hi Neighbours,

We are planning on building a deck...however I am looking for someone to come teach me how to build a deck, sure its no problem and probably pretty straight forward but still would like to be shown the ropes.


3 days ago


Quinton from Milson

To the children pulling these bags out, PLEASE DO NOT! You are spoiling it for the dog owers and you are littering! If you are caught you will be reported and prosecuted!