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ZUU Classes! 100% body weight workout

The Rec Room from The Rec Room

Enhance your body with primal movements from the animal kingdom! Crawl, lunge and howl your way through this 100% bodyweight workout while building mental resilience and being a part of an unmatched, inclusive team culture.

Originally developed for elite sports and armed forces, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. ZUU is high intensity interval training using primal moves – push, pull, bend, twist, squat, lunge and locomotion in a unique workout. It’s fun! It develops mobility, agility, and boosts cardio endurance. It also strengthens muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and tissue.

ZUU has over 100 unique moves that target both major and minor muscle groups to work your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Named after each animal inspiration, your body moves more naturally to get better results.

Come along and give it a go!

ZUU Introductory Classes
Wednesday 6.30pm - 7pm & Friday 9am-9.30am

Intermediate & Advanced Classes
Monday 6am-6.45am, Tuesday & Thursday 6.16pm-7pm

$10 per class or free for The Rec Room Members

Held at The Rec Room, 88 Aorangi Street, Feilding

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Paris from Palmerston North Central

Hiya! I’m moving in two weeks and was wondering if anybody had any boxes they didn’t want? I’ve tried places like kfc and stuff but they aren’t giving boxes away anymore due to COVID19. So I’m kinda stuck lol. Also if anybody has any pot plants they don’t want 😂picture of my fish for attention

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Feijoas needed

Janelle from Milson

Hi neighbours. Just wondering if anyone has a feijoa tree and would like to gift some feijoas. We are happy to pick them if you are unable too, we will only take what we need. If there is a surplus. We will distribute the rest to families in need. Many thanks.