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When Should you clean your curtains?

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Palmerston North

Question; “when should I clean my curtains?”

If your curtains have gotten grubby with handling or your cat or dog has messed them up, something has caused them to be wet or they are getting mouldy, then time to have them cleaned.
Once the black mould is showing then that is a good time.
The more mould the more risk that it will be on the curtain fabric and the stain may not be removed.
The more mould the greater the health risk from mould spores being breathed in.

Should I leave them until after the winter?”

There is no need to leave them and cleaning them in the winter is actually more sensible.
Mould doesn’t normally grow in the cold.
Mould grows in warm, humid conditions so mould grows on your curtains during the warm summer.

It may not be visible to you as it is usually a yellow/ orange colour when alive.
When it gets cold ( as in the winter), it then goes into the spore form and that’s when you see it as a black, smelly mess on the curtains. Once it turns black it then releases more spores that will come alive and grow into more mould colonies once the curtains get warm again. Ideally, its best to remove these mould spores from your rooms before they spread. The spores may attach to other furnishings and the walls and of course float around in the air. Not healthy at all.
Cleaning the curtains in the winter and removing the mould actually helps stop the spores from spreading.
All curtains are sanitized to remove bacteria and viruses.

Curtain Clean are specialists in removing the mould from your curtains.
We are open again for curtain cleaning.
Drop them in to Curtains2u or use our door to door service.

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Generation Pandemic: How has Covid-19 affected your children?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

This week we're looking at how the pandemic will affect our children and their resilience. The Sunday Star-Times wants to hear from children about how they've been impacted by Covid-19 and lockdown. Perhaps they've learned more about hand washing and germs, or maybe they want to talk about having mum or dad home more often, or learning from home. Kids can write a sentence or two to be included in print by emailing kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz, by Friday, July 10, at 5pm. Their first names and ages may be used in print. Parents, if you're happy for your children to be photographed please let us know.

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Cost of pet supplies online vs in store

Quinton from Milson

Went to Animates today and they did not have the size halter we wanted so ordered it from petdirect online and found out is more than half the price online than instore... I know buying in store will be more expensive but surely not that expensive! It really is discouraging to support local if the prices are so expensive...