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Quinton from Milson

Its raining cats and dogs and people are running along the Mangaone stream walkway with kids in prams like no tomorrow....how bad is this lockdown already...go home and stay home! Act like you have the virus!

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Poll: Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

With Covid-19 still a very real risk, people who are unwell are told to stay home, and to keep any sickly kids home too - but what if you don't have any more sick leave owing?

Most Kiwis are entitled to five days of sick leave a year, but some - often those in lower paid jobs - get less.

New Zealand’s minimum sick leave allowance is one of the lowest in the OECD. In Australia they get 10 days, in most European countries it’s even more.

Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

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Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?
  • 59.4% Yes, five days is not enough
    59.4% Complete
  • 13.5% No, I never use mine up anyway
    13.5% Complete
  • 27.1% Entitlement should be assessed on a case-by-case basis
    27.1% Complete
1873 votes
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Free diet and nutrition workshops

Gavin Hurnard from My Health Myself | Tōku Ora Whānau Ora

Through July and August, registered dietitians along with other health professionals from THINK Hauora will be running “Eat Hauora” – a free nutrition and wellness programme. The programme includes six one-hour sessions on different topics and people may attend one or more sessions according to their interest.
All sessions are held at the THINK Hauora offices at 200 Broadway, Palmerston North.
Register your attendance, today by emailing dietitian@thinkhauora.nz.

5:30pm Tuesday 7 July
Healthy eating starter kit
Unpack myths and mixed messages around the food we eat and discover the basics of healthy eating, the food groups, portion sizes.

5:30pm Tuesday 14 July
Food, blood pressure, and cholesterol
Learn how to eat to reduce risk and manage heart disease and provides practical tips to increase unsaturated fat, decrease sat fat, decrease sodium, and increase heart healthy foods.

5:30pm Tuesday 21 July
Shop like a nutritionist
Plan you menu, recipes, learn supermarket hacks, label reading, budgeting

5:30pm Tuesday 28 July
Benefits of exercise for wellbeing
Led by Clinical Exercise Physiologists, discover the wellbeing benefits of exercise, find out about local Green Prescription, exercise, nutritionist/dietitian services and mental health services and create a home-based exercise plan

5:30pm Tuesday 4 August
Mental fitness
Understand the connections between and how to manage stress, sleep, self-care and mindful eating

5:30pm Tuesday 11 August
Stop quitting!
Set yourself up to change behaviours and achieve your goals.