544 days ago

Stump grinding season

Slopemowing Greater Wellington

It's the season to get rid of those stumps and sow some grass. No more hitting them with that ride on or push mower, they'll thank you! If you've got some pesky lumps of wood buried in your garden, get in touch.

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2 days ago

Heat transfer system repair

Rajasekar from Masterton District

It is getting cold some nights. I am looking for someone who can fix my heat transfer system which is not transferring the heat to other rooms as expected.

19 hours ago

Have you resorted to cutting your own hair?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

For many New Zealanders, there's never been a better time to give themselves DIY bangs, a drunken bowl cut or partial shave of the head.
But worried stylists across the country are preparing for the hair-pocalypse when salons reopen. Have you resorted to cutting your own hair? How did it go?

8 days ago

Pet Food

Sharron from Masterton District

If your worried about where to find pet food at this time I have 2 sites that I use. pet.co.nz & petdeli.co.nz. Get a hold of me your unsure how to go about it. I use both of them for my 4 dogs.
UPDATES: www.petdeli.co.nz... has closed.
But we now have www.petdirect.co.nz...
Animates are open just on a Wednesday 10-5pm If you have some pet food receipts please let us know.
www.seedscereals.co.nz... here in Masterton