48 days ago

Civic Honours Awards: Nominations Extended to June 1

Online Content Publisher from Whangarei District Council

Here's a nice thought: Who in your life deserves special recognition for their service to the Whangārei community?

Every year up to four citizens are honoured for outstanding voluntary service at a special Civic Honours Awards Ceremony at Semenoff Stadium.

Civic Honours Awards are our chance to acknowledge the people that make a difference. Do you have someone coming to mind?

Nominations have been EXTENDED until the 1st of June this year. Start here:

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2 hours ago

Delayed Newpaper

Ashley from Rural West Whangarei

Is anyone else having late deliveries of their free newspaper? My Wednesday 20th May paper arrived on Monday 25th - the news is a little stale!

7 days ago

Whau Valley Dam is at 45%

The Team from Whangarei District Council

Alarming new aerial footage of the Whau Valley Dam shows exactly why water restrictions are in force.

It may be coming in to winter now, but this enormous dam will take many months of rain to fill up. We're asking everyone - please - to save water at home and at work. Help us fill the dam.


1 day ago


Jude from West Coast Northland

Neighbours' Day ran a whole week this year
You may not have noticed it , as it coincided with our Level 4 lockdown.
Did you wave at your neighbours?
Did you check on the elderly near you?
Did you pick up the rubbish in your street's gutters?
Did you make contributions to the local free food exchange?